TURIN 20 – 23 July 2022




J | hotel: a new concept of hospitality, created by Juventus Football Club S.p.A.

The hotel is located in the heart of the J | village, the Juventus sports complex within the Continassa Area, right next to the Allianz Stadium.
The J | hotel is the place where you can have an authentic Juventus experience, but it is designed to offer you much more.
A contemporary space, with an urban atmosphere, a welcoming and reserved place, studied in detail to ensure the organization of perfect business appointments and successful meetings.
138 rooms, divided into 5 types, different in size, furnishings and space division: SUITE, J | EXECUTIVE, EXECUTIVE, DELUXE, COMFORT.

Designed with excellent furnishings to offer the maximum feeling of comfort.
The warm tones, the soft fabrics, the quality of the mattresses. Precious details selected to guarantee the most refined wellness experience: the perfect rest.
The rooms are made with cutting-edge technologies and immediate connectivity, Sky service, large TVs, minibars and every precaution for individual privacy.
An atmosphere of well-being and comfort can be felt in all the rooms of the Jhotel, where each element is carefully selected.

Via Traves 40 – Torino ¦ https://www.jhotel.eu/

Safety, Health and Holidays post Covid-19

Hospitality and health protection are the priority of the Jhotel staff.

The Jhotel enjoys a certified air sanitization system that, even during this emergency, allows its guests to stay in the utmost safety.

The Jhotel monitors daily updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Italian Istituto Superiore della Sanità (ISS) to adopt suggested safety protocols. Our first concern is the well-being and safety of our guests and employees, under all circumstances.


Welcome and Reception

In order to respect proper social distancing and avoid crowding, the following procedures will be adopted:

– On days with a high number of arrivals and departures, stations designated for check in will be separated from those designated for check out;

– An online check-in system will be developed and implemented;

– The guest will be asked to send a scanned copy of his identity document via email, in order to speed up the check in and registration procedure;

– Pathways for entering and exiting the reception area will be clearly defined and outlined;

The following will be posted at the entrance to each reception area:

– A sign explaining basic hygiene procedures

– Single use glove dispenser;

– Disinfectant dispenser with photocell;

All guests will pass through a Thermo scanner that will allow us to verify the body temperature of those entering the facility.

On the floor of each reception will be marked the minimum distance to be maintained in case of queues;

Each desk will be equipped with transparent plexiglass that will allow a clear separation between the guest and the receptionist;

The entrance in the elevators must be single or at most only for the same family unit; the push-button panel of the same elevator will be sanitized periodically;

Every single equipment delivered to the guest will be previously sanitized and sanitized again when returned;

The J Hotel, which opened in November 2019, is equipped with special environmental and surface sanitization equipment that has been installed to ensure a healthy environment controlled by contamination of bacteria, coronavirus, mold, VOC, allergenic germs such as dust mites, control of odorigenic charges. It has infact received a certificate of sanitization of environments and aeraulic ducts, as sanitized air, even before the dissemination of Covid19. To confirm, the sensitivity of the structure to preserve the health and safety of environments and people.

The maintenance of these systems is carried out periodically by certified companies.