TURIN 20 – 23 July 2022

Alice Gatti: The biggest thrill at the 2022 FISU World University Championship Golf? Finding the audience around us again!

Alice Gatti, 21 from Tavernerio (Como) is seventh in the Italian ranking. After two years of Pandemic, she is looking forward to the appointment in Turin to compete with the Italian team and find the cheers of the audience on the sidelines.

Studying Business, Fashion and Retail at Lynn University in Florida, is your dream in fashion or on the golf course?

To go Pro: that’s my dream! If I don’t succeed, then the idea is to work in the fashion world as an art director, which I really enjoy. 

I’ve always wanted to do that, to play golf, ever since my father took me to the golf club with him when I was 8 years old. You play for yourself and against yourself, like in life. It is a mental sport that confronts you with so many difficulties, but it strengthens you. When I was 12, I had to go to the competition by myself and solve my own problems: that helped me to grow up, to become independent. To rely on myself.

One world experience you have already had, what do you expect from 2022 FISU World University Championship Golf?

I was introduced to “team play” when I was called for the World Championship in Japan “Toyota Junior Golf World Cup” in 2018, but especially when I started college: there you compete at the university level as a team. From the experience in Turin I expect a very exciting and “precious” competition because playing as a team for Italy does not happen every day. I am looking forward to being there and finally being able to see the public around us, cheering for us, after two years of Pandemic. Although it is an Amateur circuit it is at a high level and the passion of the public, who follow and cheer for us, proves it.

The most important milestones in your competitive career?

Definitely 2017 with the bronze medal at the English Girls Under 14. In 2020 I left for the States and then came 2021-a year to remember! I won individually my first tournament in America called “Palm Beach Intercollegiate” and in two years of college I won nine tournaments with the team. At the Nationals also in the United States I was individual bronze medalist and silver medalist with the team: we came close to gold losing by one stroke.

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