TURIN 20 – 23 July 2022



The Organising Committee will provide a transportation network for all the participants – athletes, officials, ITOs, volunteers, members of the Organising Committee, members of the committees and the FISU Family, as well as for the duly accredited press representatives.
During the first General Technical Meeting, the OC will explain the transportation plan provided to the participants.

Transportation will be managed according to the arrival and departures information received from the respective client groups.
ITOs will be transported together with delegations while special transportation will be organised for FISU Family and other special guests.

The timetable of transportation will be posted daily, in the accommodation, competition and dining areas.
After Doping Control, transportation of athletes, Doping Control staff and FISU Medical delegate will be provided.


Official Airport: Turin Caselle
Official Train station: Turin Porta Nuova