TURIN 20 – 23 July 2022


One City, endless emotions

Lively and elegant, constantly moving, nonetheless Torino is an incredible city set in the heart of verdant areas: gently resting on the hillside and enclosed by the winding course of the River Po, it owes much of its charm to its enchanting location at the foot of the western Alps, full of snowy peaks among the most beautiful in Italy.

The first Capital of the Italian Kingdom invites you to discover its ancient and modern history, the palaces and the museums, the parks and green promenades, the river and the hills, the restaurants and historical cafés, the long colonnaded streets and the colourful and multi-ethnic neighbourhoods, the major events and the many little pleasures which have always made it unique., in a balance between the rational Roman city layout, the magnificence of the Piedmontese baroque, the Liberty style and the originality of modern and contemporary architecture.

Come to the city of chocolate, live it, breathe its spirit… you will surely be surprised and fascinated!

Institutional Greetings

Leonz Eder – FISU Acting President

Dear friends,
I am very happy to welcome you to Turin, for the 2022 FISU World University Championship Golf. For nearly two years, international university sport was almost not possible. What an extraordinary period we have all been through. FISU’s thoughts are first and foremost with those who have lost loved ones, and with those who have experienced personal suffering. Because of this, the resumption of competitions has been bittersweet.
As societies and economies rebuild, however, we are reminded of the need to prioritise sport and healthy social exchange. FISU firmly believes that university athletes are the role models and future leaders the world needs, now more than ever.
Over the next six days, you will compete alongside some of the best student athletes in the world. The FISU World University Championships demand skill, athleticism and single-minded determination to do your best. But beyond the competition, FISU urges you all to take full advantage of this moment. May you return home with memories that will last a lifetime and perhaps even some new friends from faraway places.
By taking part in the FISU World University Championship Golf, you are becoming part of a historic movement that has been growing for more than 70 years. I encourage you to consider how you may best write your own page in this history.
None of FISU’s events would be possible, meanwhile, without the gracious generosity of our hosts. I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the National University Sports Federation of Italy and the organisers for their dedication. I am confident you will do the same.
FISU is also grateful for the ongoing support of the International Sports Federations. Together, we aim to provide the highest level of technical excellence, both on and off the field of play. We remain convinced that the best student athletes deserve nothing less. I am confident that the 2022 FISU World University Championship Golf in Turin will provide you every opportunity to shine, and I wish you the best of luck!

Antonio Dima – President of the Italian University Sports Center (CUSI)

The FISU World University Golf Championships Turin 2022 will be an event that will bring prestige and pride to the entire national university sport movement. History of CUSI is made of numerous international university sport events: in each situations Italy has always shown its competence, its passion, its sportive DNA. The organization and the hosting of this great event will count on the sport management tradition of Turin and CUS Torino friends and it will represent a great honor for the whole nation: top-level student athletes will come to Italy from all over the world unified by the unique atmosphere of International University sport world. Good luck then to all the athletes, the technicians, the officials, the staff and the volunteers who will take part in this prestigious event.

Riccardo D’Elicio – President of the University Sports Center of Turin (CUS Torino)

It’ll be a pleasure to host in 2022 the FISU World University Championship Golf. Turin has been the venue of the Championship in 2006. Seventeen nations took part of the event. Together, with FISU and CUSI, we hope to organize the edition with the record of countries in a high quality venue. The Piedmont’s Capital is the place where university sport was born thanks to Primo Nebiolo, unforgettable man of sport. He was President of the University Sports Center of Turin until 1999, President of the FISU, the International University Sports Federation and member of the executive board Coni and CIO. Turin is the place where FISU Games were born in 1959. 2025 is the year of the XXXII Universiade. The  FISU World University Championship Golf will be part of the approaching program to the games. I guess good luck to all participants!

Stefano Geuna – Rector University of Turin

“Once again, Turin confirms its ability to attract important international sporting events. After the ATP Finals and the assignment of the 2025 Winter Universiade, we are very proud to host the 2022 FISU World University Championship Golf, and open our doors to hundreds of athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and managers from all over the world. Turin aims to be a point of reference in the international university sports scene, thanks to the synergy between the universities and the University Sports Center. I welcome everyone and wish them good luck, hoping that this experience can be enriching, not only from a sporting point of view”.

Guido Saracco – Rector Politecnico of Turin

Dear athletes,
welcome to our city! Turin is increasingly becoming a university city, also thanks to the presence of major sporting events on our territory, which promote the high level of our facilities, the quality of our services and the beauty of our area throughout the world. I am proud that the Politecnico di Torino is part of a high-level event such as the World University Golf Championship, an opportunity for international visibility and, above all, a time when we can welcome boys and girls from all over the world who share with many of our students the experience of practising sports at a high level, combining it with their university careers. Sport is an important and fundamental value for our University, and it is an important element of our “Polito4Impact” Strategic Plan, both for its positive effects on the psychological and physical well-being of individuals and for its educational and social role. In this sense, we are working in close synergy with institutional players, such as CUS Torino, in order to ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to practise sports at all levels, by providing the campus with areas dedicated to sport and recreation, but also offering a “dual career” path with the aim of giving students the opportunity to combine such a major commitment as studying with high-level sports activity.

Alberto Cirio – President of Piemonte Region 
We are glad to welcome you to Italy, and in particular to our wonderful Turin. Sport has always been an excellent mean of sharing, and today we can finally savour the pleasure and the emotion to live it together again.
I can only wish you to enjoy every second you spend in Turin and Piemonte, the land of the 20th Winter Olympic Games of 2006, Winter Universiade of 2007, the cycling competition Giro d’Italia, the tennis Atp Finals, and now in 2022, the Golf World University Championship. This is a land that carries sport in its DNA, starting precisely with golf. Our greens are indeed considered among the most beautiful in Italy. But this is also a land with a rich history of art and culture, with prominent museums such as the Cinema Museum and the Egyptian Museum, which is the largest in the world after the one in Cairo.  
This is a land that will be able to charm and enchant you with its excellency in wine and food, just a few kilometres from the vineyard landscapes of Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. 
To all of you…Welcome to Torino and Piemonte!


Fabrizio Ricca – Councillor for Sports Piemonte Region

It is an honor for our territory to host such an important event for a sport that can give even more in terms of potential. Golf is a resource and an opportunity. More and more young people decide to approach it and this can be a double advantage: because it can allow us to identify new talents and it can consolidate a virtuous system of sports tourism that even crosses our national borders”.

Stefano Lo Russo – Torino Mayor, Metropolitan City of Torino Mayor 

Torino and its whole metropolitan area are ready to welcome the participants and fans of the University Golf World Championship which will take place from 18 to 23 July 2022. I’m happy to see that Torino is once again a leading protagonist in the international sports scene. The Championship will be an extraordinary opportunity for champions from all over the world to discover Torino, its artistic beauties and cultural heritage. And an important opportunity for us to promote the richness of our territory with its food and wine specialties in front of the international media. It will be an amazing event for everyone, golf enthusiasts, sports and non-sports people. Torino wants to be asserted more and more as a city of sport. Sport means individual and collective growth; it teaches people how to manage emotions and keeps everybody healthy. And golf is no exception, indeed it is certainly more than a sport. It is all about relationship with nature. We will continue to open Torino to the world, with determination and commitment, and in doing so, we will involve the whole city to take full advantage of these great opportunities. It will be the right chance for all, not just for sports fans. Torino and its green fields with its holes are ready to welcome young people from all over the world. I would like to thank all the people who are already working on the organization of this event with great commitment and passion. And I wish all the participants and visitors a very pleasant stay in our city. Have fun and enjoy Torino!

Domenico Carretta – Deputy Mayor for Sports, Tourism, Events of the City of Torino

I’m very glad to be here today to celebrate the inauguration of the FISU World University Championship Golf. All the players will compete for six days, in order to reach the world title. I would like to thank FISU and CUS Torino for this great opportunity for our city and for promoting and supporting golf in our territory. Torino, that already hosted this event in 2006 with the participation of 184 players, will host once again an event of great international prestige, linked to the university world. I’m sure that this contest will have a great success and that will represent an important opportunity of sport and fun for all the participants. I wish all the players and coaches a nice stay in Torino!